Crater of Diamonds State Park

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Murfreesboro Arkansas

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Crater of Diamonds offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure - the opportunity to hunt for real diamonds and keep any you find!  You'll search over a 37-acre plowed field - eroded surface of an ancient, gem-bearing volcanic pipe.  Prospectors access the field through the visitor center.  Exhibits and an A/V program explain the area's geology and offer tips on recognizing diamonds in the rough.

Diamond Springs, a $1.2 million mining themed aquatic playground is the newest addition to the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Diamonds were first discovered here in 1906 and over 75,000 diamonds have been unearthed at this site.  Notable diamonds include the 40.23-carat  "Uncle Sam," (the largest diamond ever unearthed in the United States)., the 16.37-carat "Amarillo Starlight," the 15.33-carat "Star of Arkansas" and the 3.03-carat "Strawn-Wagner Diamond," cut to a 1.09-carat gem graded "D" flawless o/o/o (the highest grade a diamond can achieve) by the American Gen Society.

Carter of Diamonds became a state park in 1972, and since then over 22,000 diamonds have been carried home by visitors.  Amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, quartz and more can also be found here.  Digging tools are available for rent, and the park staff provide free identification and certification of diamonds.

The park offers 59 Class A campsites, picnic sites, a care, laundry, gift shop, hiking trails, interpretive programs and a water play area..

History of Park

Pike County Information

Directions to Park

Crater of Diamonds is two miles southeast of
Murfreesboro on Arkansas 301.

Contact Information
209 State Park Road
Murfreesboro,  AR  71958

History of Park:

It all started back in 1906 when John Wesley Huddleston found two stones on the farm he purchased for a mere $100 and an old mule.  Huddleston had been slopping his hogs when he noticed some shiny specks, but when he washed away the dirt, he found two unusual crystals in the bottom of the washing pan, and when he tried to grind them, they wore groves in his grinding wheel.  A trip to a Little Rock jeweler and then to Tiffany's in New York confirmed them as gem quality diamonds - a 3.0 carat white and a 1.5 carat yellow.

As soon as word spread of Huddleston's findings in Murfreesboro, a diamond rush began.  The Conway Hotel recorded having to turn away more than 10,000 people in one year, due to no vacancies.  Though not in existence today, a tent city, Kimberly, was erected between Murfreesboro and the diamond field.  Huddleston sold the land and the Arkansas Diamond Company was set up.  Some diamond bearing land was retained by M. M. Mauney, who tried to mine his property and even allowed visitors to mine for a fee.  Other owners and co-owners tried to develop a diamond business on the Mauney land, but in 1919 arsonists destroyed the entire installation.

Over the years the land became open to the public, and in 1972, the State of Arkansas paid $750,000 to preserve and develop the land as a state park.  Settled on 888 pine-covered acres, Crater of Diamonds State Park borders the banks of the Little Missouri River.  Modern camp grounds, bathhouses, and picnic areas give it a homey allure.  In the Visitor Center you'll find a gift shop, interpretative exhibits, an audiovisual room, rest rooms and park offices.

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