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What Does It Mean to Represent a Buyer?

An Arkansas real estate agent who enters into an agreement to only represent the Buyer in a real estate transaction is known as the "Buyer's Agent."  A Buyer's Agent represents the Buyer in the transaction.  That means that the Buyer's Agent may assist the Seller who is not represented in selling the property, or deal with the Seller's Agent, but the Buyer's Agent's primary duty is to protect and promote the interests of the Buyer.

As a Seller not represented by a Real Estate Agent you should keep any information that may place you at a disadvantage in negotiations confidential and undisclosed to the Buyer or the Buyer's Agent since that Buyer's Agent has a duty to pass that information on to the Buyer. 

Confidential information may include:
     ▪the Seller's reason or motivation for selling,
     ▪the lowest price the Seller will accept,
     ▪negotiating strategies or tactics, or
     ▪financial situation.

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Regulation 10.10(b) of the Arkansas Real Estate License Act
strongly recommends that Agency Agreements be in writing.

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