It's Arrived!  Your Moving into Your Home.

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You've accomplished buying your home!

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a repeat buyer, there are several more steps you'll want to take.

The papers you received at settlement are extremely valuable, so hold on to them!  In the short-term they can help establish tax deductions for the year in which the property was purchased.  In the future, such papers will be important for tax purposes when the property is sold, and in some cases, for calculating estate taxes.

Also at closing, determine the status of the utilities required by the home, items such as water, sewage, gas, electric and oil service.  You want to have contacted the utility companies in advance and establish a change over date.  Some utilities require formal application and a deposit.  Realtors can provide you with contact numbers.  If you will check the "Relocation Service" area of, you'll find a wealth of information on moving and local utility companies.

Moving In!

Homes are usually left "broom clean".  You may want to allow a few days to clean your new home prior to moving into it.  Or you may want to have it repainted on the interior.  A great time to do this is before the movers unload all of your boxes and furniture.

After you have everything in place, make a video or photo report of your home and your possessions for insurance purposes and keep these records in a safety deposit box.  Your insurance provider can recommend what to photograph and how to secure it.

And last, but not least, enjoy your home to its fullest!
We thank you for letting Vision Realty be a part of your home buying process.

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