How to Pack Armoires

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o You will need:
Large padding or old blankets
o How to Pack:
+  Remove all the contents from the shelves.  Do not try to ship your CDs, TV, cards and games, or other loose items inside the armoire - they'll be jostled and probably damaged.
+  If you have drawers, you can keep some light items inside.  Wad up blank newsprint in the empty spaces and tape the drawers shut.
+  If you want to fill out the empty spaces with light items, like pillows and lampshades (properly padded with lightly wadded up blank newsprint or bubble wrap.)  Several lampshades can be stacked together with blank newsprint in between.
+  Close and lock your doors, if possible, or tie the handles together.
+  Then tie large padding or old blankets around the outside.
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