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o You will need:
Your towels and linens, clothes, and stuffed animals, pillows
Baking soda for washing machine and refrigerator
o Washing Machine
+  Do your laundry a couple of days before you are ready to move.
+  Do your best to drain all the water out of the washer.  If possible, take the washer outside and tip it sideways to empty out any remaining water.  Then dry the interior completely with towels.  After drying with towels, use your blow dryer and blow dryer the interior.  (Don't forget to put your towels in the dryer.  You want them completely dry before packing.)
+  Take all accessories and fittings and put them in a plastic bag.
+  Stuff towels between the washing machines sides and the tub to keep the tub from rotating. (Do not stuff them where they cannot be removed.)
+  Fill the basket with clothes, linens, stuffed animals, pillows.  Also include baking soda (designed so you do not have to tear open the top of the box.  This cuts down on mildew and absorbs odors.)
+  Tape the lid and electrical cord down.  Then tie a large pad around the outside.
o Dryer
+  Disconnect the exhaust hose from the back of the dryer and from the exhaust duct in the wall.  Loosely roll the hose and place it in the dryer basket.
+  Tape the lint screen (after cleaning out the lint), electrical cord, and dryer door down.
+  Tie a large pad around the outside of the dryer.
o Refrigerator
+  One day before moving, empty out the contents of your refrigerator and allow it to defrost (Eat what you can, then give the rest away to family, friends and neighbors.)
+  Clean the walls, drawers, and shelves.
+ Disconnect the drainage pan underneath and disconnect and drain out your automatic icemaker.
+  Some refrigerators have "leveling rollers,", which are wheels that raise and lower each corner of the refrigerator so it is even.  Check your manual that came with your refrigerator to see whether your should raise or lower them for the move.
+  Wrap shelves (especially if they are glass) and tape them together.  Tape down all other loose parts, including the drawers on the inside and electrical cord and doors on the outside.
+  Tie a large pad around the refrigerator.
o Stove
+  Clean the oven and the stovetop.
+  Place all the oven racks on the bottom rung and tape them down.
+  Tape down the burners and the protective pans under each burner.
+  Tape the electrical cord and door to the stove (lock the door, if you can).
+  Tie a large pad around the stove.
o Dishwasher
+  Remove all dishes, dry with a towel if damp.
+  Tape down the racks and silverware basket.
+  See your manual for removing and draining the water hook-up.
+  Close and lock the door.
+  Tape the door shut. Tape the hose and cord to the dishwasher
+  Tie a large pad around the dishwasher.
o Air Conditioner
+  If your air conditioner is in use, shut it off the day before so the coils can dry and cool off.
+  Remove and clean or replace the filter.
+  Tape the cord to the side of the air conditioner (not the back, where the coils are.
+  Use the original box, if you have it, or another large appliance box well padded with wadded up newsprint. (Don't use Styrofoam peanuts, which could get inside the air conditioner and cause problems later.
+  If you do not have a box, tie two large pads around it to protect the coils..
o Important Note: Do not use plastic peanuts or shredded newsprint, which could get into the machines and cause damage.
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