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Mena Medical Center - City of Mena Arkansas

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Mena Medical Center
311 N. Morrow
Mena, AR 71953


Area Code


After Hours Clinic

243-2288 Home Health Services 394-1812
Rehabilitation Unit 394-6100 Rehabilitation Center 394-7979
Sr. Behavioral Health Unit 394-7400 Out Patient Services
400-M Crestwood Drive

Medical Staff Roster

Ron Beckel, M.D. Pediatrics 394-7301
David Brown, M.D. Family Practice 394-3718
John Finck, MD   Family Practice 394-4703
Mary Fitzgerald, MD   Internal Medicine 437-3449
Steven Forrest, MD   Family Practice 394-3887
Patrick Fox, MD   Family Practice 394.7301
Rafael Gomez, MD   Emergency Medicine 394-6100
David Henderson, MD   Internal Medicine 437-3602
Richard Lochala, MD   Family Practice 394-7301
Robert Manis, MD   Family Practice 394-3887
William McCourtney, MD   Emergency Medicine 394-6100
William Meany, MD   Psychiatry 394-6279
Michael Mercer, MD   General Surgery 394-1414
John Mesko, MD   Gynecology and Obstetrics 394-4595
Alina Mielnick, MD   Urology 394-1861
Carlos Rocha, MD   Gynecology and Obstetrics 394-2534
Doreen Saltiel, Cardiologist   Cardiology 243-2288
Lonnie Sessler, MD   Emergency Medicine 394-7301
Humberto Sosa, MD   Cardiology 394-4400
Jonathan C. Welsh, MD   Radiology 394.6100
Robert S. Williams, MD   Family Practice 243.9024
Melinda Richardson, PA
Marta Stanley, PA
  Walk In Care Center
Physician Assistant
Jeff Ulmer, PA   Mountain View Clinic
Physician Assistant
Debra Fairless, APN   Nurse Practitioner 394.5068
Sally Hatch, APN   Nurse Practitioner 394-6100
Tony Belmont, CRNA
Ben Campbell, CRNA
Mark C. Hamelink, CRNA
  Anesthetist 394.6100
Belinda Zinke, NP   Nurse Practitioner 394-5068
Physical Therapy   Ouachita Rehab & Fitness Center
Physical Therapy

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