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Montgomery County was created on December 9, 1842.  The county was once the hunting grounds of the Caddo Indians.  The county seat is Mount Ida.  Landscape of the county is long, narrow ridges of folded rock, large fertile valleys, and mountains (Ouachita) covered with oak and pine timber. 

Montgomery County's natural resources and its rugged beauty are its livelihood.  Sixty-three percent of the county is national forest land with the federal government being a stable employer.  Cattle, swine and poultry production, along  with mining and tourism makes up the economy.  The Ouachita range of Arkansas is one of the only three areas in the world to have enough high quality quartz crystal to warrant mining.  In 1987, more than two million tons of quartz was mined in Montgomery County for uses ranging from decorative items to computer chips. 

Each year Montgomery County has an annual Quart Crystal Festival and Crystal Dig.  Many Tourists come to dig quartz crystal.  The scenic beauty and recreation draw visitors from far and near.  Lake Ouachita, Arkansas' largest covers so many acres the county had to have a lake patrol in addition to its regular sheriff's and forest patrol.  Thousands visit the park areas each year to enjoy the clear water, fishing and many other water sports. 

The Ouachita River, the Caddo River and the Little Missouri Rive all flow through the county.  The Missouri River drops an average of 35 feet per mile in its 29-mile journey through southern Montgomery County. 

The Montgomery County Courthouse houses early history of the county.  It is made of native stone and is now listed on the National Register of Historical places.  Montgomery County is within easy driving distance of metropolitan areas offering shopping, restaurants, and other services.

The County was name for Richard Montgomery.

Richard Montgomery (12/2/1738 - 12/31/1775) was an Irish-American soldier.  He was born in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland, the son of Thomas Montgomery (a member of Parliament) and Mary Franklin Montgomery.

He was an officer in the British Army in the Seven Years' War.  His service was in Canada and the Caribbean.  He reached the rank of captain in May 1762.  In 1763, when peace was concluded, he went to New York, and in 1765 returned to England.  In England he associated with liberal members of Parliament who supported the colonists in their demands for more freedom.  On April 6, 1772, he sold his Army commission and decided to move back to New York, buying a sixty-seven acre farm at King's Bridge in what is now the Borough of The Bronx of New York City.

On July 24, 1773, he married Janet Livingston, daughter of Robert R. Livingston, a prominent New Yorker who was on the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence.  He then moved to his wife's farm near Rhinebeck, which was to be his home for the few remaining years of his life.  In 1775, although having resided in New York only three years, he was elected to the New York provincial legislature.

He served as the second-ranking brigadier general in the American Revolutionary War, led the army into Canada where he captured two forts and the city of Montreal, and died while attempting to capture the city of Quebec during a fierce snow storm on the 31st day of December 1775.  The British recognized his body and ordered a honorable burial.  In 1818, his body was moved to New York City and interred at St. Paul's Church.  Shortly after his death, the State of Maryland, when creating a new county, named it Montgomery County in his honor.  Subsequently, many other states have honored Richard Montgomery by naming counties for him.  Five ships in the United States Navy, USS Montgomery have been named for him.

Sources:  National Association of Counties, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Census, Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), and public records of Scott County Arkansas.

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Roads to Relaxation

Hickory Nut Mountain:  This Forest Service public use area is located at the eastern border of Montgomery County off Hwy 270.

Little Missouri Falls:  870-356-4186
Cuts through the Ouachita Mountains, offering great scenery and exciting white water for experienced canoeists.
Lake Ouachita State Park:  This is the largest man-made lake in the State of Arkansas.  The Lake offers water skiing, sailing, canoeing, hiking, cabins, camping, and a marina.  Several entrances to the lake will be found off of US 270 from Mount Ida, Arkansas going east.  The State Park is located at Mountain Pine  501-767-9366.
The Ouachita National Forest encompasses almost all of Montgomery County, providing many national recreation areas; these include Albert Pike, Big Brushy, Collier Springs, Crystal, Dragover, Fulton branch, Gap Creek, Hickory Nut Mountain, Lake Missouri Falls, River Bluff, and Rocky Shoals.    Many of these are near the shores of Lake Ouachita, Arkansas' largest man-made lake.
Check adjacent counties for additional recreational activities found in the Ouachita National Forest.
Data and Statistics
Date Formed 12/9/1942 Land Area 781 Square Miles
Named for Richard Montgomery County Seat Mt Ida Arkansas
Persons per square mile 11.81 Homeownership Rate 82.9%
Persons per household 2.41 2000 Census Population 9,245

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Tax Structure
Tax Unit School City Millage
161 Caddo Hills Rural 42.00
161B Caddo Hills Black Springs 47.00
161G Caddo Hills Glenwood 47.00
161N Caddo Hills Norman 43.50
162 Mount Ida Rural 42.30
162M Mount Ida Mount Ida 44.90
163 Ouachita River Rural 39.60
1630 Ouachita River Oden 41.0

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Towns and Cities and Populated Places
City/Town Zip Code/Local Area City/Town Zip Code/Local Area
Caddo Gap 71935 Norman 71960
Fancy Hill 71935 Oden 71961
Gaston 71957 Pencil Bluff 71965
Gibbs 71969 Pine Ridge 71966
Hopper 71935 Pine Ridge 71966
Huddleston 71961 Silver 71957
Hurricane Grove 71957 Sims 71969
Joplin 71957 Story 71970
Manfred 71935 Whitetown 71961
Mount Ida (County Seat) 71957 Y-City 71965
Alamo Bonnerdale Mauldin Mount Ida
Albert Langley Mazarn Bonnerdale
Alf Polk Creek Mountain Mimosa Mount Ida
Black Springs Norman Ophir Caddo Gap
BB Junction Pine City Owley Mount Ida
Buckhorn Monroe Plata Caddo Gap
Buddys Landing Reed Mountain Ragtown Pine City
Chasewood Landing Sims Rubie Reed Mountain
Cox Springs Polk Creek Mountain Ruble Reed Mountain
Fannie Fannie Segur Glenwood
Hickory Station Bonnerdale Union Hill Oden
Hog Jaw Oden Washita Story
Liberty Fannie Welsh Amity
Little Fir Landing Fannie    

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Historical Towns and Cities
City/Town Zip Code/Local Area City/Town Zip Code/Local Area
Fir McGraw Mountain Lucky Bonnerdale
Hickory Station Glenwood Redbird Oden
Imelda Bonnerdale Slatington Polk Creek Mountain

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County of Montgomery Elected Officials and other County Numbers
Montgomery County P.O. Box 377 Phone 870-867-3521
105 Hwy 270 E Mt Ida, AR 71957-0377 Fax  
Position Elected Official Phone Number E-mail / Fax
County Judge Dan McCarter 870-867-3114 870-867-4354
Justice of the Peace Kenny R. McGrew, Sr.    
Justice of the Peace Floyd McKinzie    
Justice of the Peace Melissa Powell    
Justice of the Peace Johnette Rowland    
Justice of the Peace Carl Smith    
Justice of the Peace Christy Stewart    
Justice of the Peace Betty Ruth Williams    
Justice of the Peace Noah Williamson    
County Coroner Elece M. Parliment 870-867-5234 870-867-4384
County Sheriff/Collector Wendell Adams 870-867-3151 870-867-6232
County Tax Collector Wendell Adams 870-867-3151 870-867-6232
County Treasurer Alvin Black 870-867-3411 870-867-4354
Montgomery Treasurer
County Assessor Tammy McCarter 870-867-3271 870-867-4354
County Circuit Clerk Debbie Baxter 870-867-3521 870-867-2177
Montgomery Clerk
County Clerk Debbie Baxter 870-867-3521 870-867-2177
Montgomery Clerk
Circuit & Chancery Judge   870-867-3112  
Municipal Clerk   870-867-2221  
County Shop   870-867-3632  
Cooperative Extension   870-867-2311 870-867-3023
Health Unit Ray Street 870-867-2331  
Home Health Services   870-867-3138  
Veteran Services   870-867-3033  
911 Services   870-867-4533  
County Library   870-867-3812  

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Arkansas State Local Numbers servicing Montgomery County Arkansas Trade Area
Office Location Phone Number E-mail
Forestry Commission Mt Ida 870-867-2013  
Highway Department Pencil Bluff 870-326-4432  
Adult Abuse Hotline   800-482-8049  
Child Abuse Hotline   800-482-5964  
Rape Crisis   800-813-5433  
DHS Office County Operations
232 Graham
Mt Ida AR 71957
DHS Office Children & Family Ser
232 Graham
Mt Ida AR 71957
Revenue Office   870-867-3813  

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US Government Numbers servicing local area of Montgomery County Arkansas
Office Location Phone Number E-mail
Social Security Admin   800-772-1213  
Forest Service   870-867-2101 870-867-2102
Ouachita Seed Orchard Mt Ida 870-867-2101  
Road Maintenance Mt Ida 870-867-2415  
Oden Ranger Station Oden 870-326-4322  
Denby Point Campground Lake Ouachita 870-867-4475  
Joplin Mtn Harbor Campground Lake Ouachita 870-867-4472  
Hwy 27 Campground Mt Ida 870-867-4473  
Little Fir Campground Mt Ida 870-867-4474  
Tompkins Bend Shangri La Campground Mt Ida 870-867-4476  
IRS Info and Forms   1-800-829-1040  
IRS Problems Resolution   1-800-829-1040  
Veterans Administration   1-800-827-1000  
FBI   501-221-9100  

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Post Offices servicing local area of Montgomery County Arkansas
Office Location Phone Number E-mail
Black Springs 71930    
Bonnerdale 71933 870-356-2893  
Caddo Gap 71935 870-356-2855  
Mount Ida 71957 870-867-3875  
Norman 71960 870-334-2595  
Oden 71961 870-326-4341  
Pencil Bluff 71965 870-326-4412  
Pine Ridge 71966 870-326-4442  
Sims   870-867-3224  
Story   870-867-2634  

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Name Local Area Latitude Longitude
Bearce Airport Reed Mountain 343145N 0933137W
Chasewood Landing Sims 343754N 0934026W
Mount Ida Municipal Airport Reed Mountain 343145N 0933139W

Willaims Ranch Airport

Norman 342245N 0933815W

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Name Local Area Phone #  
Mercy Medical Clinic 320 Luzerne St
Mount Ida, AR 71957

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Name Local Area Latitude Longitude
Alamo Bonnderdale 342816N 0932632W
Big Fork Big Fork 34.4 -93.38
Black Springs Unknown 00.00 00.00
Caddo Polk Creek Mountain 34.48 -93.76
Caney Bonnerdale 34.38 -93.46
Center McGraw Mountain 34.54 -93.49
Gap Norman 34.39 -93.63
Leverney Fannie 34.70 -93.45
Mazarn Bonnerdale 34.47 -93.49
Montgomery County Mt Ida 34.53 -93.65
Ouachita Sims 34.67 -93.65
Parks Polk Creek Mountain 34.40 -93.82
Pencil Bluff Sims 34.64 -93.74
Polk Brushy Creek 34.66 -93.80
South Fork Mount Ida 343300N 0933830W
Sulphur Story 344130N 0933300W
Walnut Caddo Gap 342330N 0933315W
Womble Norman 342730N 0934005W

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Historical Townships
Caddo Gap Unknown 00.00 00.00
Fannie Unknown 00.00 00.00
Fir (Historical) McGraw Mountain 34.62 -93.46
Gaston (Historical) Oden 34.54 -93.77
Hazel (Historical) Mount Ida 34.52 -93.67
Hopper Unknown 00.00 00.00
Lawrence (Historical) Pine Ridge 34.55 -93.88
Missouri (Historical) Polk Creek Mountain 34.3 -93.79
Rock Springs (Historical) Big Fork 34.39 -93.88
Scott (Historical) Polk Creek Mountain 34.47 -93.79
Montgomery County Township Map.pdf

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Picnic Areas, Ranger Stations, Public Golf Courses
Name USGS Map Latitude Longitude
Albert Pike Recreation Area Athens 342220N 0935246W
Big Brushy Recreation Area Brushy Creek Mountain 344106N 0934841W
Blowout Mountain Scenic Brushy Creek Mountain 344104N 0934728W
CCC Camp Polk Creek Mountain 342737N 0935058W
Fancy Hill Langley 342159N 0934550W
Gap Creek Recreation McGraw Mountain 343232N 0932653W
Hickory Nut Mountain McGraw Mountain 343340N 0932525W
Janeau Spurt Glenwood 342041N 0933407W
Lake Ouachita Vista Point McGraw Mountain 343404N 0932427W
Little Fir Recreation Fannie 343753N 0932820W
Little Missouri Falls Big Fork 342454N 0935509W
Mauldin Mount Ida 343533N 0933956W
Oden Ranger Station Oden 343725N 0934813W
Oden Work Center Oden 343729N 0934820W
Ouachita Seed Orchard Reed Mountain 343301N 0933411W
Roaring Branch Natural Athens 342223N 0935833W
Rocky Shoals Campground Mount Ida 343643N 0934149W
Twin Creek Recreation Reed Mountain 343302N 0933041W
Washita Recreation Story 343900N 0933152W
Womble Ranger Station Reed Mountain 343233N 0933652W
Womble Work Center Reed Mountain 343238N 0933655W

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Name USGS Map Latitude Longitude
Albert Pike Recreation Area Athens 342221N 0935246W
Big Brushy Recreation Area Brushy Creek Mountain 344106N 0934841W
Big Fir Public Use Area McGraw Mountain 343622N 0932434W
Caney Creek State Wildlife Management Area Nichols Mountain 342330N 0940015W
Colier Spring Recreation Caddo Gap 342904N 0933536W
Crystal Mountain Scenic Caddo Gap 342939N 0933505W
Crystal Recreation Area Norman 342846N 0933817W
Denby Point Public Use McGraw Mountain 343307N 0932936W
Dragover Recreation Area Sims 343833N 0933750W
Fulton Branch Recreation Sims 343733N 0933934W
Joplin Public Use Area McGraw Mountain 343431N 0932625W
Little Fir Public Use Fannie 343752N 0932829W
Little Missouri Falls Big Fork 342521N 0935510W
River Bluff Recreation Sims 343823N 0933733W
Tompkins Bend Public Use McGraw Mountain 343423N 0932808W
Oden Work Center Oden 343729N 0934820W
Twin Creek Recreation Reed Mountain 343301N 0933035W

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Name Local Area Latitude Longitude
Gaston Lookout Tower Oden 343408N 0934701W
Hickorynut Lookout McGraw Mountain 343335N 0932520W
Muddy Mountain Lookout Tower Sims 344400N 0933826W

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