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Pike County was created on November 1, 1833.  The County was name for Lt. Zebulon Montgomery Pike, the explorer who discovered Pike's Peak.

Pike County was formed by the Territorial Legislature from portions of Clark and Hempstead counties.  The county is rugged terrain in the northern half and rolling hills in the south.  The economic base of Pike County is made up of commercial forests and small family farms.  At one time Pike County had the largest peach orchard in the United States and perhaps the world.  The Crater of Diamonds, an 886-acre natural park south of Murfreesboro, is the only diamond mine in North America open to the public.  If you find a diamond, you keep the diamond.  More than 60,000 diamonds have been discovered since 1906,  the largest and most famous being the "Uncle Sam" (40.33 carats), the "The Star of Murfreesboro" (34.35 carats), and the "Star of Arkansas" (15.33 carats).  The crater also yields amethyst, opal, jasper, agate, quartz, and other minerals.  The deed records for the diamond mine are housed in the county courthouse and are the only records of title in North America to a diamond mine.

The Caddo River, the Little Missouri River, and Lake Greeson offer excellent fishing, canoeing, swimming, picnicking sites, and other water activities.

The economic base of Pike County is made up of commercial forests and small family farms.  The Crater of Diamonds State Park brings hundreds of tourists to this area a year.

Sources:  National Association of Counties, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Census, Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), and public records of Scott County Arkansas.

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Roads to Relaxation

Albert Pike Recreation Center:  Ouachita National Forest:  Langley:  501-321-5202
Located in the rugged Ouachita Mountains, six miles north of Langley, AR, on Forest Service Road 73.  Recreational activities include swimming, fishing, picnicking, camping, hiking and canoeing.

Caddo River:  Outstanding smallmouth bass fishing and floating.  Located in Northeast Pike County

Caddo Canoe Outfitters:  Glenwood 877-201-9149 or 870-356-2055
Provides float trips on the Caddo river, canoe rental and shuttles.  Campsites are free to canoe customers or you may also enjoy primitive camping along the river.  The camping location features a small covered pavilion with water and electricity, a barbecue grill, volleyball net and horseshoes.

Caddo River Camping and Canoe Rental, Inc.:  Glenwood:  870-356-5336 or 888-300-8452
Provides canoe and kayak float trips on the upper portion of the Caddo River.  Camping facilities are also available.  Camping and fishing supplies are available, and catering can be arranged for any group float trip.

Centerpoint Wilderness Camp:  870-398-4369
899 Camp Tula Road, Daisy, Arkansas
Daisy State Park:  Kirby:  870-398-4487
Lake Greeson, the Little Missouri River and Daisy State Park make an awesome combination in the Great Outdoors here.  The park has campsites, picnic areas, a pavilion, boat ramps, hiking trails, and a motorcycle trail.
Glenwood Country Club Golf Course and Lodge  870-356-4422 or 800-933-3110
This public golf course offers challenging water holes in a gorgeous setting.  Both the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the Arkansas Business Magazine have rated it as one of the top ten courses in the state, and it's listed in Zagats' as one of America's Top Golf Courses.  There is also a pro shop and lodge on site.
Ouachita "End of Trail" Camp East of Glenwood
6 miles of Hwy 182 on Smith Road at the Ouachita Indian Village.  For more information write:  P O Box 938, Mt. Ida, AR 71957
Hawkins General Store:  Murfreesboro:  870-285-3371
The Hawkins General Store occupies a building that was constructed as a doctor's office and pharmacy in 1909 during the Murfreesboro Diamond Rush.  Millard and Florence Hawkins began operating their General Store out of this building in 1943.  The store has retained its original wood floors and classic tin ceiling squares and has been under new ownership since 1999.  Take a step back in time and visit the store for fishing, camping, school and office supplies, toys, oil lamps, snacks, used books, health and beauty products, fabrics, and much more.
Crater of Diamonds State Park:  Murfreesboro:  1-870-285-3113
Crater of Diamonds offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure - the opportunity to hunt for real diamonds and keep any you find!   Diamond Springs, a $1.2 million mining themed aquatic playground is the newest addition to the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Diamonds were first discovered here in 1906 and over 75,000 diamonds have been unearthed at this site.  Carter of Diamonds became a state park in 1972, and since then over 22,000 diamonds have been carried home by visitors.  Amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, quartz and more can also be found here.  Digging tools are available for rent, and the park staff provide free identification and certification of diamonds. The park offers 59 Class A campsites, picnic sites, a care, laundry, gift shop, hiking trails, interpretive programs and a water play area..
Little Missouri Fly Fishing:  Murfreesboro:  870-285-2807
Jeff Guerin guides fly fishers in search of rainbow trout in the Little Missouri River.  Guerin also provides casting lessons.
Ka-Do-Ha Indian Village:  870-285-3736
An ancient Indian settlement and important archaeological dig.  Gift shop on premises.
Lake Greeson:  870-285-2151
Offers fishing and water sports.  Commercial resorts, marinas, campgrounds and fishing guide services available.  Daish Lake Park has campsites and facilities on the lake.
Chamber of Commerce - Glenwood 870-356-5266
316 N 1st Street, Glenwood, AR 71943

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Data and Statistics
Date Formed 11/1/1833 Land Area 603.01
Named for Lt. Zebulon Pike County Seat Murfreesboro Arkansas
Persons per square mile 18.74 Homeownership Rate 78.9
Persons per household 2.4 2000 Census Population 11,303

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Towns and Cities and Populated Places
City/Town Zip Code/USGS Map City/Town Zip Code/Local Area
Amity City Hall:  870-342-5822
Mayor:  870-342-9293
Fire Dept:  870-342-5345
Police:  870-342-5832
Amity, AR 71921


Antoine 71922 - Antoine Mount Moriah Murfreesboro
Billstown Pisgah Murfreesboro 71958
Bowen Piney Grove Nathan 911
Caney Valley Glenwood New Hope (Post Office) 911
Cooleyville Nathan Nutts Chalybeate Mt West
Daisy 911
Report Fires Only
Narrows Dam
Pike City 71958
Delight 911
Report Fires Only
Other City Business
Water Department
Delight, AR 71940
Piney Grove Piney Grove
Glenwood 911
1-870-356-2345 or
Chamber:  870-356-5266
City Hall:  870-356-3613
Fires Only:  870-356-3456
Fire Dept:  870-356-3613
Library:  870-356-4643
Police:  870-356-3333
Water:  870-356-4322
Glenwood, AR 71943
Pisgah Pisgah
Grandfield New Hope Rosboro 71921
Henry Athens Roy Murfreesboro
Highland Nathan Salem Glenwood
Kimberley Murfreesboro Shawmut Chalybeate Mt West
Kirby (Post Office) 911
Stelltown Delight
Langley (Post Office) 71952

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Historical Towns and Cities
City/Town Zip Code/USGS Map City/Town Zip Code/Local Area
Abner Narrows Dam Lissie Murfreesboro NE
Anderson Murfreesboro NE Maxwell Murfreesboro
Arp Murfreesboro Norvelle Nathan
Ball Murfreesboro Pleasant Home Murfreesboro
Brocktown Delight Rabell Murfreesboro NE
Cooper Lodi Rock Creek Glenwood
Crawford Center Point NE Stanley Narrows Dam
Dunlap Lodi Star of the West Center Point NE
Elk Murfreesboro NE Stephenson Murfreesboro
Helbig Narrows Dam Wright Murfreesboro NE
Hopewell Delight Zebulon Lodi

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County of Pike Elected Officials and other County Numbers
Pike County Court House P O Box 219 Phone 870-285-2414
1 Court House Square Murfreesboro, AR 71958 Fax 870-285-3281
Position Elected Official Phone Number E-mail
County Judge Donald Baker 870-285-2414
870-285-3281 (Fax)
Pike Judge
Justice of the Peace District 9 Paul S. Baker    
Justice of the Peace District 3 Ricky Buck    
Justice of the Peace District 7 Conrad Cox    
Justice of the Peace District 2 Rodney Fagan    
Justice of the Peace District 5 John Garrett    
Justice of the Peace District 6 Rodney Hudgins    
Justice of the Peace District 4 Ed Jones    
Justice of the Peace District 8 John J. Plyler, Jr.    
Justice of the Peace District 1 John Terrell    
County Coroner   870-356-9593  
County Sheriff Jerry Jones 870-285-3315
870-285-2626 (Fax)
County Tax Collector Jerry Jones 870-285-3121
870-285-3281 (Fax)
County Treasurer Reda Ledbetter 870-285-2422
870-285-3281 (Fax)
County Assessor Barbara Denny 870-285-3316
870-285-3281 (Fax)
County Clerk Sandy Campbell 870-285-2743
870-285-3900 (Fax)
County Circuit Clerk Donna White 870-285-2231
Municipal Judge   870-285-3865  
Circuit & Chancery Judge   870-285-2900  
Cooperative Extension   870-285-2161  
Health Unit 1001 Caddo Drive 870-285-3154  
Home Health Services   870-285-3155  
Juvenile Hold Over Center Glenwood 870-356-2956  
Juvenile Services Murfreesboro 870-285-2316  
Personal Care Program   870-285-3156  

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Arkansas State Local Numbers servicing Pike County Arkansas Trade Area
Office Location Phone Number E-mail
Employment Security Arkadelphia 870-246-2481  
Forestry Commission Murfreesboro 870-285-3745  
Forestry Commission Dierks 870-286-2137  
Forestry Commission Mt Ida 870-867-2013  
Highway Department Murfreesboro 870-285-2533  
Daisy State Park   870-398-4487 870-398-4314
Adult Abuse Hotline   800-482-8049  
Child Abuse Hotline   800-482-5964  
Rape Crisis   800-813-5433  
DHS Office 225 S Washington
Murfreesboro, AR
Food Coupon Office 5th & Clay
Arkadelphia, AR
Revenue Office Murfreesboro 870-285-3590  
Revenue Office Glenwood 870-356-3105  

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US Government Numbers servicing local area of Pike County Arkansas
Office Location Phone Number E-mail
Corps of Engineers Tri Lakes 870-584-461  
Social Security Admin   800-772-1213  
Forest Service Glenwood 870-356-4186 870-356-4187
Albert Pike Recreation Administration    
  Camp Ground Host 870-356-2422  
Ouachita Seed Orchard Mt Ida 870-867-2101  
Road Maintenance Tech Mt Ida 870-867-2415  
Oden Ranger Station Oden 870-326-4322  
Lake Greeson Field Office   870-285-2151  
Narrows Dam Power Murfreesboro 870-285-3416  
USDA Service Center   870-584-3111  
Soil Survey Office Glenwood Plaza 870-356-4170  
IRS Info and Forms   1-800-829-1040  
IRS Problems Resolution   1-800-829-1040  
Veterans Administration   1-800-827-1000  
FBI   501-221-9100  

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Post Offices servicing local area of Pike County Arkansas
Office Location Phone Number E-mail
Amity 71921 870-342-5671  
Antoine 71922 870-379-2545  
Delight 71940 870-379-2766  
Glenwood 71943 870-356-3611  
Kirby 71950 870-398-4363  
Langley 71952 870-356-4228  
Murfreesboro 71958 870-285-2621  
New Hope 71959 870-398-5423  

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Name Local Area Latitude Longitude

Pike County Hospital Heliport

Murfreesboro 340259N 0934102W

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Name USGS Map Latitude Longitude
Antoine Murfreesboro NE 341225N 0933415W
Brewer Nathan 340215N 0934700W
Clark Glenwood 341745N 0933255W
Eagle Lodi 341900N 0934015W
Missouri Delight 340310N 0933235W
Mountain Langley 341900N 0934935W
Muddy Fork Nathan 340725N 0934510W
Pike City Murgreesboro NE 340800N 0933310W
Saline Pisgah 335915N 0933315W
Self Creek Narrows Dam 341345N 0934400W
Thompson Murfreesboro 340400N 0934045W
White Centerpoint NE 341330N 0935210W
Wolf Creek Antoine 340130N 0932700W

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Historical Townships

Caney Fork

Murfreesboro NE 341232N 0933040W

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Name Local Area Latitude Longitude

Pike County Memorial Hospital

313 E 13th
Murfreesboro, AR 71958
340415N 0934112W

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Picnic Areas, Ranger Stations, Golf Courses
Name USGS Map Latitude Longitude
Glenwood Country Club Glenwood, Arkansas 870-356-4422 800-833-3110
Beacon Hill Picnic Area Narrows Dam 340856N 0934313W
Caddo Ranger Station and Work Center Glenwood 342008N 0933229W
Camp Tula Center Point NE 341440N 0934502W
Lyons Ford Murfreesboro NE 341351N 0933056W
Stevensons Camp (Historical) Murfreesboro NE 340954N 0933640W
Sweet Home Murfreesboro 340019N 0934330W
Twin Bridges Chalybeate Mountain West 341044N 0932701W

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Name USGS Map Latitude Longitude
Arrowhead Point Public Use Narrows Dam 341440N 0934803W
Bear Creek Public Use Area Narrows Damp 341414N 0933952W
Caney Creek State Wildlife Management Area Nichols Mountain 342330N 0940015W
Cowhide Cove Public Use Narrows Dam 341028N 0934007W
Crater of Diamonds State Park Murfreesboro 340200N 0934020W
Daisy State Park Narrows Dam 341357N 0934433W
Hwy 70 Landing Public Use Center Point NE 341436N 0934842W
Kirby Landing Public Use Narrows Dam 341354N 0934137W
Laurel Creek Public Use Narrows Dam 341113N 0934224W
Narrows Dam Public Use Narrows Dam 340914N 0934246W
Parker Creek Public Use Narrows Dam 340929N 0934433W
Pikeville Public Use Area Narrows Dam 341009N 0934345W
Riverside Picnic Area Narrows Dam 340838N 0934239W
Rock Creek Public Use Center Point NE 341234N 0934531W
Self Creek Public Use Area Center Point NE 341413N 0934546W
Star of the West Public Use Center Point NE 341420N 0934930W
Wylie Picnic Area Center Point NE 341418N 0934503W

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