Townships of Polk County

Even though some are just a road sign to those passing by,
the people of these communities are filled with community spirit.
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Arkansas counties are broken down into Townships.  Listed below are the Townships of Polk County and when they were formed.  Arkansas Constables are elected according to Townships.  Townships are not to be confused with Cities and Towns, even though many times their names are the same.  For instance the Cove Township does not cover the area where the Town of Cove is located.  It covers the area where the Town of Hatfield is located.

Polk County, Arkansas Formed in 1844 Local Area Latitude Longitude
Acorn Township Rich Mountain 34.65 -94.26
Big Fork created in 1860 (part to Mill Creek Township in 1908) Big Fork 34.49 -93.98
Cedar created in 1889 Zafra 34.59 -94.42
Center created in 1849 part to Eagle Gap in 1894 Mena 34.51 -94.20
Cove created in 1860 Hatfield 34.48 -94.38
Eagle created in 1882 Potter 34.53 -94.35
Faulkner created in 1888 Umpire 34.37 -94.05
Freedom created in 1846 (part to Rich Mountain in 1890) Mountain Fork 34.65 -94.38
Fulton created in 1846 Board camp 34.53 -94.08
Gap Springs created in 1875 Nichols Mountain 34.42 -94.06
Mill Creek created in 1908 (from part of Big Fork Township) Cherry Hill 34.55 -93.98
Mountain created in 1860 Board Camp 34.62 -94.00
Ouachita created in 1860 (part to Eagle Gap in 1894) Posey Hollow 34.63 -94.12
Ozark created in 1874 Wickes 34.27 -94.37
Potter created in 1890 Potter 34.58 -94.30
Rich Mountain created in 1890 (part of Freedom Township) Mountain Fork 34.70 -94.38
White created in 1846 Vandervoort 34.40 -94.35
Historical Townships
Eagle Gap created in 1894 ( from parts of Center & Ouachita) - Historical
Sulphur Springs created in 1846 (annexed to Howard County in 1873) - Historical
The County recognizes Acorn Township and Center Township Position 2
Polk County Township Map.pdf

Source: Polk County Records and Shirley Manning, Historian
07/16/15 07:28 PM

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