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Vision Realty promotes their properties for sale with heavy emphasis in internet marketing. 
Some of the major sites where you will find your property listed for sale on the internet are:

You'll also find that Vision Realty has many other sites that directly link to

Vision Realty has very strong positioning in the internet with their official site,  94% of internet users search the internet using either Google or Yahoo for search engines.  Pages indexed of the site in December 2008 were as follows:

  • Google - 839 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

  • Google - 482 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

  • MSN - 7,820 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

  • MSN - 406 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

  • Alta Vista - 3,450 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

  • Alta Vista - 964 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

  • All the Web - 3,450 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

  • All the Web - 963 pages of the site were indexed with this search engine.

The is a massive site in comparison to most real estate web sites in the industry.   You will also note that at the bottom of each page on our web site is a time date stamp which reflects the last time a page was updated on the web site. We work hard to keep our site updated and fresh which we feel gains us positioning with search engines.

Vision Realty usually maintains being in the top 10 positions in most Google searches for key words that we have selected which Real Estate oriented for our area.  Basically, if you are not on the first page of a search you are lost in the crowd.  We have worked hard to find our way to the top positions for searches that are relevant to finding your listing at

When, what the industry called the "Google Dance", the VisionMena Web Site, just kept right on dancing on the 1st page due to the information richness of the site.  During the dancing cycle of Google, Vision Realty immediately began the Google AdWord campaign and has continued with this campaign as part of the advertising budget to insure that we are found on the first page of the keyword searches that we seek.

Vision Realty has developed a community web site which brings people to the site seeking various information.  For an overview please visit the Quick Link page of  These major links in our web site will lead you to various and sundry additional pages of interest. A good example of information that is available would be the Yellow Pages which leads to a variety of businesses in our community.  As businesses in our community request to have their web sites linked to the site continues to promote our community to people from all over the U.S. and internationally.

We are experiencing the same statistical results with the site as experienced nationally.  Over 70% of all Buyers begin their home search on the internet.  More and more of our customers are contacting us about properties advertised on the internet.  Because of the professional presentation accomplished by we are experiencing quality buyers coming to Vision Realty in search for real estate.

It's not about just putting a web site out in Cyber Space but promoting that billboard you placed in Cyber Space.  And that is what is going on behind the scenes at Vision Realty on a daily basis, whether it's paid for linking, free linking or exchange linking with other sites on the net.

Most Realtors will agree that newspaper advertising is placed to keep the Seller happy.  The leads from newspaper advertising "pale" in comparison to the leads gained from the internet.  More productive advertising is gained from working the internet.  And, Vision Realty has been training their staff for years to use the internet and quickly respond to e-mails that are received by the brokers of Vision Realty.

The Broker/Owners of Vision Realty have both earned the designation of e-PRO with the National Association of Realtors.  Our e-PRO connections gained us an invitation to the CyberStars.  The CyberStars are a very elite small group of 155 top producing internet savvy Realtors in the U.S. and internationally.  This group is constantly seeking means of exposure via the internet, software that enhances the marketing and management of contact relationships, and tech hardware that supports their businesses.  Even though you as a Seller may not see the underpinnings of the real estate industry, it is this group of Realtors that are your beta testers for Software and the Realtors that are interviewed by the real estate industry trade magazines. Patti Oates of our firm was recently featured in Today's Realtor magazine.

On the drawing board will be Virtual Assistants for our Brokers.  These Virtual Assistants will be planning and working with Buyers who will be coming into the market.  Many times our Buyer contacts are futures.  Retirement plans for our area may be 4 to 5 years out.  It is the periodic contact of these Buyers that produce sales in futuristic times.  By using Virtual Assistants we will be able to free our Brokers to work intensely with Buyers coming into the market a the present time.

As sellers, we want you to have the "comfort zone" of knowing that Vision Realty is leading the pack in our market to promote your property to its fullest. 

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