Cecil Chapel Cemetery
Vandervoort Arkansas

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Location Information
One and two-tenths miles West of Vandervoort Junction on Polk 17 on right side of road.
SE, NW, Section 27, Township 4 South, Range 32 West
Parcel #  11826

Submitted by Mary L Broderick

Submitted by D Ann

The land for this cemetery was deed by father and son, James and Thomas Cecil.

It is believed that the first person buried here was a woman who died from burns received when her husband put her into a fire.

The James Cecil family consisted of twelve:  James, his wife, four sons and six daughters.  William and Rebecca Cecil were the parents of James and Francis Marion who is buried in Cecil Cemetery.

There are about forty-five unnamed and or unmarked graves in this cemetery.  Among these graves are the names Cripps, Collier and Rickey.

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Barton, E. H. - 7/28/1889-7/6/1953
Barton, Eria Mural - 9/24/1899-1/24/1940
Barton, Mary Alma Sultena - 6/17/1895-8/9/1924
Bruce, Albert Vasker - 7/11/1924-9/4/1928
Bruce, Alice Dora - 9/11/1891-8/16/1977
Bruce, Alred - 11/12/1915-2/13/1984
Bruce, Giles H. - 6/5/1880-12/8/1970
Bruce, Henry Mitchell - 6/1/1909-11/7/1974 (Brother)
Bruce, Nadine - 3/5/1927-3/9/1982

Cartwright, Alvin B. - 1882-1935
Clark, D.C. - 3/15/1847-10/11/1927
Clark, L. M. - 1/19/1848-4/6/1919

Daniel, C.A. - 5/24/1900-9/21/1928
Daniel, Francis E. - 1856-1940
Daniel, Franklin L. - 9/2/1886-7/13/1887
Daniel, Jackson A. - b&d 1883
Daniel, Kittlel J. - 1851-1927
Daniel, Leon T. - 1877-1951
Daniel, Lonnie - 12/1924-4/1926 (son of Joe and Mattie)
Daniel, Mildred Wanaleen - 1926-1928

Ford, Flora Maye Wilson - 4/12/1920-3/5/1983
Ford, Paul - 1919-1976- (S1 U.S. Navy WW 2)

Gentry, Barbara Jean - 7/13/1944-10/8/1944

Hansard, Baby - b&d 1/22/1904 (Son of A L and B D)

Kanna, Katherine - 1886-1960
Kanna, Pete - 1878-1961
Kanna, Jr., Pete - (no dates)
Keiffer, Mary Wilson - 7/14/1903-3/19/1977

Mayfield, Darrel B. - 1/20/1922-11/23/1922
Meek, Mary J. - 1831-1922
Meek, W. W. - 10/11/1832-7/18/1902

Neal, Sr., John David - 7/15/1904-1/11/1982

Oglesby, Ellen Cartwright - 1900-1947

Page, Robert Lewis - 5/22/1895-9/14/1970 (Sgt Co B2 eng Regt Tex W W 1
Parker, Lillian - 9/23/1909-8/6/1982
Parker, Rubin - 6/10/1867-12/23/1952
Parker, Sarah Virginia - 6/7/1868-3/29/1951
Porter, Jr., Frank - 9/18/1927-10/1/1948 - U.S, Maritime Service
Porter, W. Frank - 8/30/1886-8/25/1963
Porter, Oneta - 3/3/1923-8/23/1923
Porter, Velma Cummings - 1902-1973

Rolyson, Pate C. - 7/28/1867-8/12/1894

Tollett, Leonard Jerry - 11/4/1940-5/6/1979 (U.S. Navy)
Trotter, Jimmy Lee - 9/1/1875-8/6/1897 (son of O.W. and Perlee)
Trotter, Regey W. - 1/1/1881-10/22/1909

Webb, George - 4/15/1908-7/2/1971 (A5 U.S. Navy Calif WW 2)
Wilson, A. T. - 9/9/1898-9/30/1953
Wolfenbarger, James "Jim" Edward - 6/24/1941 - Y-City -12/23/2001

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Please visit the Polk County Library.  There is a genealogy section at the library.  Or, check www.FindaGrave.com as the Polk County Genealogy Society (Mary L Broderick)  is attempting to put all of this information on the FindAGrave site along with the Markers for the Graves.  It is a massive undertaking.

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