Cemeteries of Polk County Arkansas

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Cemeteries of Polk County

The majority of the information concerning the early graves and history of each cemetery has been obtained from a bound book placed of record in the Polk County Court House.  The credit to this work is given to N.D. Kannady and L. H. Daniel (1984) and contributors to this bound volume.  Cemeteries without links were not covered in this volume.  This area of the VisionMena.com site is under construction and is being completed as time allows to devote to this project.

You can purchase this bound volume and other volumes from the Polk County Genealogical Society.

We have entered the Latitude and Longitude Information from the Government Geographical Survey where available.  Those eateries minus this information on not listed on the government survey.  The government maps are not to be confused with town locations; however, in many instances you will find that the government map does coordinate to the nearby town where the cemetery is located.  Please click on the Cemetery Name in the left column and you will in most instances find driving directions to the cemeteries.  Some cemeteries are on private land.  Please, adhere to the owner's wishes in the case of viewing these graves.

Information is welcome for entry into the VisionMena.com web site.

The Polk County Genealogy Society is attempting to put all of the cemetery information on www.FindAGrave.com  You may want to check here for information and/or enter the information that you have. 

Contact or visit the Polk County Genealogy Society through the Mena Polk County Library to assist in helping or gathering further information about your family.  Check under Club section of this website for contact information for the Polk County Genealogy Society.

  Latitude "N" Longitude "W" Government Map Elevation Feet
Aleshire Cemetery        
Antioch Cemetery 343014 0942133 Potter 1014
Baker Cemetery 341800 0941644 Wickes 860
Bates Cemetery        
Board Camp Cemetery 343207 0940615 Board Camp 955
Brumback Cemetery        
Brushy Creek Cemetery        
Bulger Cemetery        
Buffalo Cemetery 342527 0942642 Cove 988
Canaanland Cemetery Hwy 8 W Need to Add See FindAGrave  
Cecil Cemetery 342312 0942214 Vandervoort 1079
Cecil Chapel Cemetery 342251 0942426 Cove 994
Center Cemetery 342132 0940809 Baker Springs 1070
Cherry Hill Cemetery 343515 0935938 Pine Ridge 965
Clem Miller Cemetery        
Concord Cemetery 343518 0940720 Board Camp 0040
Corinth Cemetery 343512 0941102 Mena 1024
County Poor Farm Cemetery        
Crawford Cemetery        
Crystal Hill Cemetery 341656 0941716 Wickes 853
Cureton Cemetery        
Dallas Cemetery (Mena) 343217 0941245 Mena 1083
Daniel Cemetery 341741 0941911 Wickes 958
Downs Cemetery        
Duckett Cemetery        
Eagleton Cemetery        
Foote Cemetery 342443 0942207 Vandervoort 997
Foran Cemetery 343944 0940853 Acorn 1168
Foster Chapel Cemetery 343436 0942005 Potter 1040
Gann Cemetery 343250 0942036 Potter 925
Gann 341345 0942336 Zafra 906
Gilliam Cemetery        
Grannis Cemetery 341416 0942017 Gillham 938
Heely 344119 0942402 Mountain Fork 2638
Heifley-Witherspoon Cemetery        
Highland Cemetery        
Hilton Cemetery        
Holly Grove Cemetery        
Holly Springs Cemetery 341342 0941614 Gillham 751
Horse Thief Cemetery See Find A Grave Shows to be near Eagleton They lived on Johnson Creek in Scott County
Howard Cemetery        
Individual Grave-Lou Ella Bates        
Jackson (on Davis Land) Cemetery        
Lambert-Jackson Cemetery        
Liberty Cemetery 343349 0940610 Board Camp 984
Little Cemetery 344253 0942220 Rich Mountain 2425
Little Africa or Piney Cemetery        
Lone Valley Cemetery 342754 0941930 Vandervoort 984
Lower Big Fork Cemetery 343259 0940004 Board Camp 902
McKinney Cemetery 343251 0941800 Potter 1047
Miller Cemetery        
Mineral Cemetery 341132 0941957 Gillham 823
Mollie Gann Cemetery        
Moore Cemetery        
Mt. Calvary Cemetery 343436 0941514 Potter 1191
McDaniel Cemetery        
Mt. Gilead Cemetery        
Mount Gillian Cemetery 343527 0942108 Potter 1076
Mountain Fork Cemetery        
Nichols Cemetery        
Norris or Yocana (Yucanna)        
Nunley Cemetery 343219 0940938 Mena 1027
Oak Grove Cemetery (Bog Springs) 341829 0942458 Bog Springs 1234
Oak Grove Cemetery 343439 0941515 Potter 1194
Old Dallas Cemetery        
Old Potter Cemetery        
Ouachita Cemetery See Lambert Jackson    
Overturf Cemetery 341150 0941650 Gillham 633
Owens 343655 0941116 Mena 1027
Owens Chapel Cemetery        
Perry Cemetery See Notes Below      
Pine Crest Memorial 343040 0941420 Mena 1106
Pioneer (See Notes Below) 344119 0942400 Mountain Fork 2638
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 342757 0935654 Big Fork 1135
Pleasant Grove Cove        
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 342852 0942505 Cove 1053
Quinton Cemetery        
Robinson Cemetery        
Rock Springs Cemetery        
Rocky Cemetery 343527 0942208 Potter 968
Sexton Cemetery 344135 0942121 Rich Mountain 1591
Shady Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Shiloh-Tate Cemetery        
Shores Cemetery        
Six Mile Cemetery 342840 0942232 Cove 955
Stinett Cemetery 343234 0942401 Zafra 997
Tate Cemetery 342217 0941510 Wickes 1030
Westview Cemetery 342343 0942817  ? Cove 984
White Cemetery        
White Oak Cemetery        
Yocana (Mt. Zion Amish) Cemetery 343453 0940226 Board Camp 906
Witherspoon Cemetery        
Whole Council of God 342522 0941927 Vandervoort 1161
Whole Council of God 342521 0941929 Vandervoort 1158
Wright Cemetery        
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Perry Cemetery Notes: 
Location: Three and one-half miles south of Mena on old high way 71, then west about one-half mile, near the entrance of the Pioneer Lumber Company. In 1983 it was owned by R.S. Grosse. There is a fence around this cemetery.  Perry Cemetery has about seven graves, one grave does have a double headstone, the rest may have field stones.

Pioneer Cemetery Notes:
There are 23 graves in this cemetery according to the historical marker. Billy's is the only name still legible.
The Historical marker tells of the first burial here, a young girl, who's family was sick, went into the wood's on a cold winter nite on Rich Mountain to gather firewood, she had to climb a tree to get away from a pack of wolves, and was found the next morning in the tree frozen to death. 


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