Pine Crest Memorial Cemetery
Mena Arkansas

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Location Information
Just South of Highway 71 on Bethesda Road (Entrance on Left just past Meadowbrook Drive)
Township  South, Range  West
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In 1904 Mena Lodge No. 152 I.O.O.F. bought twenty acres of land south of town for a burial ground, to be known as the Odd Fellows Cemetery.  It was known by this name until 1933.

The first person buried here was Jessie Ray Kelly, seventeen year old son of J. P. and Bertha Kelly.

Perhaps the largest funeral ever held in Mena, was that of Dr. Walter Magness.  Dr. Magness, a well liked physician, was killed by a Mena resident on August 20, 1904.  There were one hundred carriages in the funeral procession, and more than fifty honorary pall bearers escorted the body to the cemetery.

In 1910 Jose Luna, a Mexican boy, became ill and died when the orchestra of the Curtis Comedy Co., of which he was a member was playing in Mena.  His father did not have the funds to return the body to Mexico for burial, so Father Gallagher collected enough money from the citizens of Mena to pay the funeral expenses.  Jose was buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

In 1917 the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America erected a monument at the grave of W. H. Ronemus who had originated the order at Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the year of 1888.  Representatives from national headquarters came to Mena for the dedication ceremony.

In 1919 the Odd Fellows Cemetery Association was formed for the purpose of maintaining the cemetery.  The first problem of the association was clearing the land of rocks, brush, and briars.  Since there were no funds to hire someone to do this work, two volunteer work days were held and more than one hundred and thirty interested citizens participated in clearing the land and making the cemetery a beautiful spot.

Then in 1922 the association wrote letters to owners of the lots asking for annual donations for the upkeep of the cemetery.  Most people were willing to do this and these donations were enough to hire a full-time caretaker and to purchase additional land from the Watkins brothers in 1925.

The Board decided to give the cemetery a new name and it became Pine Crest Memorial Park.  The new name was recorded by the circuit clerk, in January 1933.

The first person buried in Pine Crest Cemetery was R. H. Gaines.

Many improvements have been made over the past years, including the planting of many beautiful trees-magnolia, maple, dogwood and holly.

In 1952 the association purchased four acres of land from Mr. and Mrs. Guy Crawford and in 1967 eight acres from Don Davis.

Pine Crest is the largest cemetery in Polk County with more than thirty-five hundred graves with names and dates on markers.  There are many unnamed graves here, also.

Recent Internments
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Abney, Walter Lee - 9/3/1865 - 4/11/1936 - (Information supplied by Laini Giles, Rowlett, TX)

Barnett, Jackson Buel  (73) - 8/16/1928 - Howell, OK - 12/25/2001 - Mena
Brewer, Ophie Mae (91) - 12/20/1910 - Hatfield, AR - 02/17/2002 - Mena, AR

Craddick, Mary Frances  (93) - 1/22/1909 - Ola, AR - 3/7/2002 - Monroe, LA

Grubb, Pearl Joy  (66) - 3/12/1935 - Emporia, KS - 3/9/2002 - Mena, AR

Lawrence, Lizzie Mae Wagner  (88) -5/10/1913 - Sneedville, TN -02/17/2002 - Mena, AR

McNew, Hanna Jeanette Halmark - 8/9/1937 - Russellville, AR - 3/17/1996 - Mena, AR
                                     Husband:  Gerald Ray McNew; Father: Jesse Floyd Hallmark; Mother: Elsie Mae Halmark (Submitted by Daniel McNew)

Parker, Guy Arnold 4/1/1903 - 3/23/1971 (Wife:  Thelma Sims Parker, Father:  David Green Parker, Mother Georgeann Ellison Parker)
Parker, Thelma Sims - 1/20/1908 - 2/29/1988 (Husband:  Guy Arnold Parker, Father:  Jasper Hudson Sims, Mother:  Frances Della Martin)
Posey, Ellis Loyd  (96) - 4/19/1905 Posey Hollow, AR - 3/29/2002 - Rosedale, OK

Reynolds, Andrew Scott  (17) -11/21/1984 - Springdale, AR - 2/23/2002
Robson, Clayton (81) - 1/24/1921 - Scott County, AR - 2/28/2002 - Albuquerque, NM

Sessions, Patricia Ann  (62) - 7/19/1939 - Oden, AR - 3/7/2002 - Lockesburg, AR
Sims, Bolton C.  11/22/1916 - 6/1885 (Related to Jasper Hudson Sims and Eliza Clift - Buried in Old Dallas Cemetery)
Sims, Charles C. "Jack" 1/15/1912 - 12/28/1926 (Father:  Jasper Hudson Sims, Mother:  Frances Della Martin Sims)
Sims, Frances Della Martin - 4/29/1940 - 6/2/1972 (Husband: Jasper Hudson Sims)
Sims, Jasper Hudson - 3/1851 - 7/12/1931 (Wife:  Frances Della Sims, Father Thomas Bently Sims, Mother: Catherine Adeline Mayfield Sims)
Sims, Jasper A "Jake" 11/9/1899 - 5/24/1985 (related to Jasper Hudson Sims and Frances Della Martin Sims)
Smith, Ronald L.  - 7/26/1938 - Mena, AR - 3/14/2002 - Mena, AR
Summit, Etna Mae  (77) -12/30/1924 - Pine Ridge, AR - 3/27/2002 - Ft. Smith, AR

Turner , Kenneth G. (76) - 09/01/1925 - Potter, AR - 01/08/2002 - Mena, AR

White, Verna Vernotha "Johnnie" White Young - 05/30/1919 - Athens, Howard County, AR 01/19/2009 Mena, AR
               (Husband: David Butler Young, SR., Father: James Louis White, Mother: Massey Cora L. O'Neal White, Children:  David B. Young, Jr., Janice Dale Young

Young, David Butler - 06/05/1917 - Norman, Montgomery County, AR - 05/19/2008 - Mena, AR (Wife: Verna "Johnnie" Vernotha Young, Father: Shelton Young,
               Mother: Mary Musick Taylor, Children: David B Young Jr. Janice Dale Young)  Submitted by Janie Dale Young Key

Please visit the Polk County Library.  There is a genealogy section at the library.  Or, check as the Polk County Genealogy Society (Mary L Broderick)  is attempting to put all of this information on the FindAGrave site along with the Markers for the Graves.  It is a massive undertaking.

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