Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Cove Arkansas

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Location Information
One-half mile southeast of Cove Polk 21 @ Polk 288
NE, SW, Section 10, Township 4 South, Range 32 West
Parcel # 11290

Submitted by  David G Stuart

Submitted by G. G. Pate

Andrew Scott homesteaded eighty acres where this cemetery is now located.  At one time there was a Methodist Church, also used as a school, on the Southwest part of the cemetery.  It is no longer there.

Later Basil H. Baron gave land to enlarge the cemetery.  Basil's son, Blake, gave more land and a ten thousand dollar donation with the understanding the interest would be used for the upkeep of the cemetery.

About 1950, Lenord Tipton gave additional land, and in 1982 two more acres were purchased making between ten and twelve acres of land now known as Pleasant Grove Cemetery.

The first marked graves in Pleasant Grove are that of Solona and Samuel Morrow, twins who were born in August, 1837 and died in November, 1837.  This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Polk County and it contains many unnamed and unmarked graves.


Dickson, Shirel D.  (68) - 12/13/1933 - Athens, AR - 3/12/2002 - Mena Medical Center, AR Source:  Mena Star 3/21/2002
Mease, Minnie  (80) - 3/12/1912 - Okemah, OK - 3/10/2002 - Fayetteville Source:  Mena Star 3/21/2002
Please visit the Polk County Library.  There is a genealogy section at the library.  Or, check as the Polk County Genealogy Society (Mary L Broderick)  is attempting to put all of this information on the FindAGrave site along with the Markers for the Graves.  It is a massive undertaking.

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